• Greater reliability
  • Better acceleration
  • Better guidance
  • Bigger safety
  • Larger fuel finance
  • Bigger impulsion
  • Better buoyancy
  • Faster planing


JetPac™ outboard waterjet propulsion system is designed to make boating easier, more comfortable, safer, in fact, more like taking your family car out for a Sunday afternoon drive. You want the car ready when you are ready, you want to take the car on the road with little effort, little concern for dependability, and you want your family to travel in safety, quiet, and comfort. JetPac™ brings that tranquility to boating. How, you ask? By design, step by step, for results!
  1. We use automotive engines, not marine engines – result - reliability.
  2. We use water jets for safety – result - no propellers to injure swimmers, manatee friendly.
  3. We use big water jets for thrust – result - water skiers up quickly, faster boat acceleration.
  4. We mount outside of the transom – result - more space inside for you and your family.
  5. We use water jets – result - shallow draft and easy beaching capability.
  6. We use a simple design – result - reliability, durability, longevity, less maintenance cost.
  7. We mount to a full transom – result - safer boating, more boat space.
  8. Easy transom installation – result - lower installation cost than many outboards.
  9. We use diesel engines – result - first diesel outboard over 40 hp.
  10. Modern diesel water jet – result - environmentally friendly, cleaner air, more fuel efficient.
  11. Behind the transom mounting – result - better steering, dependable sea keeping, maintains thrust and steerage in high seas, safety at sea.
  12. We use a buoyant box – result - more flotation, better boat stability, safer boating.
  13. We use water jets – result - the engine is protected against boat overloads.
  14. We use a closed cooling system – result - no flushing required.
  15. Mounted outboard –result - lower installation cost than inboard water jet.
  16. We make it easy to service –resultt - lower cost of ownership.
  17. We make it so you do not have to trim it –result - easier to operate.
  18. All mechanical components are self-contained in a box completely behind the transom –result- quieter operation than any outboard or I/O with very low vibration.
  19. Shift control only redirects water for forward, neutral, reverse & steering – result - effortless and smooth operation.
  20. JetPac™ eases tension in boating –result - peace & tranquility while boating.

The Waterjet is designed for safety, reliability, performance and durability.

  • 316 stainless steel construction.
  • Sealed shaft housing
  • Sealed grease packed bearings.
  • Entire jet assembly is removeable as a cartridge.
  • Large diameter jet for high thrust and quick acceleration.
  • Designed to allow reverse to be used as a braking system.

    A Fiberglass Shell is specially fabricated to house both the engine and waterjet.
    The shell is designed with over 1,000 pounds (450 kilograms) of displacement and other features, such as:

  • Baffled air intake system to reduce noise, trap and eliminate any water .
  • Separate bilge area to contain oil and other engine contaminants.
  • Engine mounting high above the bilge areas.
  • Easy mounting to transom of boat.
  • Easy access for engine maintenance.
  • Waterjet installs as a cartridge.
  • Low draft, does not extend below the boat's keel.